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let them unwrap it now

Create an instant gift flick® story so your gift recipient can digitally ‘unwrap’ their gift today while they wait for it to arrive in the mail. gift flick® allows you to create a custom video or image message to let your loved one know their gifts are on their way. It’s perfect for those last minute occasions or if you just can’t wait to give your gift.

how it works



Select their gift and complete your purchase via our online checkout.



On the order confirmation page, select the instant gift option.



Create your free gift story and share via email or SMS when you're ready.



Your loved one can digitally “unwrap” the gift, while the item is on its way.

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frequently asked questions
What is gift flick®?

If you’re buying a product or a gift card as a gift, gift flick® enables you to instantly gift it via email, sms or messenger in a personalised video gift story ahead of it arriving in the mail. Look out for the gift flick® option on the confirmation page of our website when purchasing a gift card or product. It’s the perfect solution for those that aren’t able to see their loved ones in person on special occasions and for those who leave gift shopping to the very last minute.

How much does gift flick® cost?

Creating and sending your own gift flick® story is a complimentary service.

What happens if I lose the link to my gift flick® story?

gift flick® will send you an email with your link, so it's easily accessible. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your spam or promotions folder.

I missed the option to create a gift flick® on the order confirmation page and have closed my browser, is it too late?

We’re afraid it is too late at this point in time, please select the gift flick® option on the order confirmation page next time you shop with us.

I want to buy different gifts for different people and send them using gift flick®, can I check out in 1 transaction?

No, you’ll need to check out each gift separately, and create a different gift flick® for each gift recipient.

I want to buy multiple gifts for the same person, will these show in my gift flick®?

Yes, as long as you check out all the items in one transaction. You can show up to 6 products in a gift flick® gift story.

If I don’t like the video or photo I upload in my gift flick® gift story can I change it?

Yes you can, but be sure to do so before you complete the gift flick® process. You can also skip uploading a video if you choose.

How does the gift flick® get sent to the gift recipient?

This is up to you. We provide you with a shareable link that you can send to them whenever you choose, via text, email or the digital messaging platform of your choice.

I have bought a gift card and created a gift flick®, how does the recipient get the actual card?

If you have selected the e-gift card option, the gift card will be sent automatically to the gift recipient via email, based on the date you selected. If postal delivery was selected, the gift card will arrive at the gift recipient’s address. Gift flick® is an additional layer to reveal what you have purchased as a gift for the recipient in a personalised digital way.