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Mint & Macadamia Recovery Bath

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Soak away stress and muscle soreness in a nice, warm bath. Made all the more revitalising courtesy of these specially-formulated salts.



Step into a warm bath infused with these specially-formulated, easily-dissolved salts and you’ll feel the stress and soreness of the day fade away as well. Designed to take away tension and relax aching muscles, they make for the ideal way to unwind after a long day or a tough workout.

Therapeutic peppermint oil and healing arnica soothe your spirit, while magnesium gets to work relaxing tired muscles. You’ll be soaking up all kinds of natural support – and stepping out feeling relaxed and renewed.

How to use
Key Ingredients

This healing herb helps reduce bruising and ease muscle pain and stiffness.


This mineral is known for its ability to relieve tension and relax muscles when dissolved in the bath.


Deep cleansing peppermint oil cools the skin and its refreshing fragrance enlivens the spirit.

the ritual

Take two heaped teaspoons worth of the salt, add it to running warm to hot bath water and swirl in.

where it fits

Once or twice a week, for an especially-soothing soak.